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Lunettes VR

Training & Team building

(access via VR headset or PC)

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MetaSoftskills offers several levels of learning in the Metaverse that allow training through a large library of environments, interactive workshops based on Leadership methodologies promoting the development of human and technical skills.

Apprendre par la pratique.png

Learn by doing

Se détendre et lâcher prise.png

Relax and let go

Recréer le lien humain.png

Recreate the human connection

Gagner en intelligence émotionnelle.png

Gain emotional intelligence

Stimuler la créativité.png

Stimulate creativity


Some environments

MetaSoftskills offers a multitude of spaces for educational purposes with new workshops from our training organization around Softskills. We can create and integrate on our Metaverse platform   any type of 3D environment according to your needs (industrial environment, virtual offices, monuments, buildings etc…)


Language practice

Participate in real contextualized conversations in the metaverse and practice a language thanks to varied and stimulating simulations


Learning and co-creation

Organize your brainstorming sessions, your workshops, your public interventions and your on-boarding


Team building spaces

Group access to our reception room with virtual coffee, music, various fun and enriching activities etc...


To relax between two work sessions

Take advantage of our different break environments to relax, chat informally and let go


Public speaking

Access our amphitheatres to make your presentations, your key speeches or your impactful announcements


Innovative meetings

Enter our meeting rooms for your meetings, weekly points and post your presentations...after an ice-breaker

team build

Team Building workshops

Explore our collaborative spaces


VR Learning Management System

MetaSoftskills offers a complete training tracking system through an intuitive and comprehensive dashboard



Access targeted spaces for different training and new activities in the Metaverse


Social communication

Spaces designed to foster interactivity and engagement


Learning experience

Offer your participants a unique and impactful interactive training


Training management

Easily create, manage and run your remote training and activities


Learning Tracker

A rich dashboard to evaluate the effectiveness of your trainings and follow the activity of the participants in real time

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